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District Chairman 2020/2021

  Maureen Nethaway


There are approximately 614 members in 22 Clubs in District 20 situated in Somerset and parts of Dorset and Wiltshire


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I have been a member of the Inner Wheel club of Yeovil since 2005 and soon became President of the club in 2008/9.  I followed this appointment by becoming the Overseas Officer for 3 years (now International Service Organiser). This was a position I thoroughly enjoyed.  I was then invited to join the Executive to continue the work I so enjoyed as your District International Service Chairman (DISC).  I really loved this work and I met so many lovely people during this period and the ladies of D20 were so enthusiastic and without fail knitted, sewed, made and collected a multitude of items ready for delivery to the various charities.  My house often looked like a distribution centre after a District meeting!  At the end of the day so many people throughout the world have benefitted from these wonderful donations all supplied by District 20.

I followed my stint as DISC by being your 2nd Vice Chairman where I helped to organise the meals for our District meetings and some of the many sports events that our clubs participate in, all of which I enjoyed. This past year as 1st Vice Chairman I continued with many of these tasks as we haven’t had a 2nd Vice so the Executive have worked as a team with us all contributing to help cover the various tasks.  Working together as a team is so very important.

Now is the time for me to be your District Chairman and I’m really looking forward to my year ahead and visiting your clubs for business meetings and other social events.  I have chosen to support School in a Bag and our 20/20 Mission for my charities this year. I am looking forward to meeting many of you at my Rally on 11th July at the George Albert Hotel and as many as possible at our Assembly on 13th July 2019.

Have a good year everyone.

Yours in Friendship, Maureen.

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