Inner Wheel - For women moving with the times

Inner Wheel is an International Organisation run by women for women of all ages.

Founded in 1924, Inner Wheel now has 20,000 Members within Great Britain and Ireland and over 100,000 Members worldwide within 103 countries.

Inner Wheel was founded with the purpose of helping those less fortunate than themselves in the Community and Internationally, whilst enjoying the friendship of like minded people.

The Inner Wheel Objectives are:-


To promote true Friendship.


To encourage the ideals of Personal Service.


To foster International Understanding.


With Inner Wheel Clubs in most major towns – Members enjoy the fellowship of new and old friends in and outside their own community – even worldwide.


Whilst organising events or aid for those less fortunate than themselves, members also arrange social events for their Club and families ranging from Speakers to Theatre Trips, Skittles to Ten Pin Bowling,


Handicrafts to Cookery


Visits to Conferences and Clubs abroad.


“Be a woman that moves with the times – Join Inner Wheel”

For further information on how to become a Member

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