According to historical notes in the archives in July 1972 RIBI formed four new Districts, this was achieved by dividing the nineteen large Districts in G.B. & I. into twenty-three Districts.

Inner Wheel members always look to the future so in 1970 at the Association Conference, Inner Wheel passed a General Resolution giving official approval to the redistricting of Inner Wheel Clubs to follow the same boundaries as RIBI.

A note in the District archives states: 

 ‘…although Inner Wheel is an autonomous body, we are tied to Rotary by the sacred bond of marriage, therefore when R.I.B.I. decided to split certain areas into another four Districts, according to our rules, Inner Wheel had to follow suit…’

By this time in 1972 when District 20 was formed, 20, came from our former District 10, four from District 11 and four from District 17 making up the twenty eight registered clubs. A Charter was presented to a new Club, Sherborne on 3rd February 1973. Charter number 1677. Founder members Members 23.

On 22nd May , Inner Wheel held a meeting in Yeovil to discuss the formation of District 20 Inner Wheel. It was here that the following officers were duly elected.

Chairman  Mrs A.E. Abell   Bath 

Vice Chairman  Mrs R.B. Meyers              Dorchester

 Secretary  Mrs A Griffiths   Warmington

 Treasurer   Mrs E Jenkins    Weston-Super-Mare

Council Member Mrs J Moon     Shepton Mallet

Overseas Service Chairman. 

Mrs V. Owen Roberts     Langport

Editor   Mrs E Driver   Westbury

4th July 1972. Installation of District 20 Chairman & 1st District Meeting held at the County Hotel. Taunton (where Marks & Spencer’s store now is.) 

After the Installation came the Business of the Day.

Roll call.  All 28 Clubs were present.


Letters were read from Mrs Offord, Mrs Kay Martin, The Rotary Club of Ilminster and several Inner Wheel Clubs all wishing well for the new District. 


It was agreed by members to defer a decision about an overseas project until after the 1973 International Convention.

There were to be two District Bulletins annually, organised by the District Overseas Officer, Mrs Owen Roberts. 

Three editions of Twenty Times organised by the District Editor, Mrs E Driver.

The first District Rally was to be held at Bath on 6th March 1973. 

A very good luncheon followed by a successful meeting launched our new District.   


The second District Meeting was held on 29th November 1972 at the Manor Hotel, Yeovil. 

        ‘…a buffet lunch was served with much scrambling of chairs and laughter, due to our numbers being greater than …the hotel could cater for…’

At this meeting that a motion for every member of G.B.& I. Inner Wheel Clubs should pay £2. towards the cost of purchasing office premises in London for our headquarters, was moved. This motion was carried and although the result was not unanimous or nem. com. it was carried by a reasonable majority of votes by the delegates.

The next two District meetings were held at the County Hotel. Taunton.




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