Update on International Items needed at District Meeting

I thought it might be helpful to update you on items that can be brought to the District Meeting or distributed if appropriate.

Bras– These are always welcome by Wells Club so can be brought to the meeting.  Please bag and weight them in Kilograms and mark the package.

Ring Pulls(only drinks cans please) – also bring to the meeting.

Crisp packets– These can be brought to the meeting and I will arrange delivery of them to my local village primary school, but if you go onto the Walkers crisp charity page there is a list of schools taking part in the collection scheme.   If your local school isn’t there perhaps a word with the head to see if she will start a collection.   Walkers give schools money for their collection and the packets are made into recycled flower pots, picnic tables and benches and are very colourful.  Only individual packets please but any make not just Walkers.

Filled Shoe Boxes for SWEEPS.  These are needed at the District Meeting please.    If you are local to Bridgwater and would like to deliver your Clubs boxes yourself this can be arranged. (Please ring me if you can do this.)  If there are any Clubs who would be happy to deliver some from the District Meeting I would be very grateful.   I know that Sedgemoor are always very happy to do this to who I am very grateful.   Please could you make a cheque payable to “District 20 Inner Wheel Committee” for £2 per box donated and give to District Treasurer Mo Hodges at the District Meeting or send it to her and she will make one cheque out to SWEEPS from the District.  DO NOT ATTACH ANY MONEY TO THE OUTSIDE OF THE SHOE BOXES PLEASE.

Knitted and other items that can go to SWEEPSto be included in the delivery including blankets. 

RAFT in Taunton are also pleased to receive items.

Teddies for School in a Bag, with red scarf or ribbon please.   


Other items collected by them are ink cartridges and old mobile phones.

Breast Cushions– although not International, the crescent shaped ones will be very welcome at any of the major hospitals within the District.  These can be brought to the meeting if you do not have a hospital near you.

Items collected by District 20

Larger Teddies (See pattern link below)

These can go to SIAB (with red scarves) or shoe boxes and these come to the District Meeting unless taken direct or put in shoe boxes.  (Don’t forget to put the numbers in the notebook).

Small Teddies 

These are ideal for shoe boxes or to put in pockets if making children’s clothes.   These come to the District Meeting or put directly into shoe boxes.   (Same as above, don’t forget to list them in your note book).

Drinks Ring Pulls only – These come to the District Meeting for the Purple Community Fund (Just keep a note of how many bags you bring).

Stamps – These can come to the District Meeting.   Please keep foreign stamps separate from others.   Please leave a good margin around the stamps otherwise they are no good.

Spectacles – These can be taken to any optician who will recycle them.   This can include the cases.

Bras – Please bring these to the District Meeting for Wells Club, or deliver them direct if easier.

Blankets – knee blankets can be taken to nursing homes or your local hospital but check first.   Failing that bring them to the District Meeting.

Other knitted items- If you are not doing shoe boxes bring them to the District Meeting as SWEEPS are only too happy to take them.

Breast Cushions -  These should be the crescent shape ones and made of silk or other very soft material.   If you know of a hospital who needs them contact them first and deliver them or bring them to the District Meeting.

Crisp Packets- These can be any make of crisps.   If you know of a local school who is collecting them, deliver there or bring to the District Meeting.   These are sent to Walkers who have them recycled into picnic furniture, watering cans or flower pots.   They cannot be recycled normally because of the metal content in the bags so just go to landfill.

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