It would be good to hear how clubs are coping.   Please send. Thanks, Jean

Inner Wheel Club of Wrington Vale


We’ve been racking our brains for some way to get on with ‘life as we knew it’ and have finally decided to just get on with it!  So, for the time being, we shall be holding all our meetings on Zoom, both Committee and Club. The good thing about Zoom is that they are time-limited so the chatterers and digressers and the just-want-to-tell-you-what-I-did-today have to get their act together and say what’s on their mind – succinctly! 


Plans for the coming seasonal festivities – see what I did there?  I didn’t mention the C word! -include a big push for the Cheddar food bank. In the past we have packed age- and gender-appropriate shoe boxes which are then taken to Romania but again we have had to rethink that routine.  Instead this year we will be collecting foodstuffs and toiletries from the food bank’s list of needed items.  Their volunteers pack up boxes, again age-related and in sufficient quantity for the number in the family.  As it’s the season-to-be-jolly (no C word again!) we will be including some extras such as puddings, mince pies and selection boxes. 


Our five-to-tea venture has started in members’ homes and includes some of those who might otherwise be spending too much time alone.  It’s very important that everyone has the chance to socialise with their friends, and that’s the real purpose of these get-togethers.


Usually at this time if year we collect donations in lieu of sending each other cards and give the money to a local Charity but no decision has been made yet on which Charity that will be.  For our international venture we will be selling tickets for our super special hamper.  The suggestion was to buy something beginning with the same letter as your surname.  Hmm.  So that’s wine, whiskey or walnuts from me!

Inner Wheel Club of Wrington Vale


Our new President finally takes the reins!


A wonderful first meeting and – at long last – the all-important Handover to our new President Nic Lucas.  We had waited so long and nothing was going to stop this happening, not even the wind.  Thanks to the all-important pre-planning that the current situation requires, 26 members of the Club met in the garden.


Retiring President Angie carefully placed the chain of office in a fishing net decorated with our signature blue and yellow streamers and Nic fastened it round her own neck.  Business was kept to a minimum but decisions were made about the events for the coming year.  It’s very difficult to plan much at present but we’ll do our best to continue both the fun and the fund-raising.  

Inner Wheel Club of Wrington Vale


Our first meeting of the year by Zoom! One member in Gibraltar, one in San Francisco, one in her lovely garden, one in a hammock and one at a Muppet Show. No not really! - all of us were in the safety of our own homes -  in offices, kitchens and sitting rooms -  but I expect the next meeting will have some wonderful & varied backgrounds.


Decision-making by email was put to one side and it was lovely to see friends again and feel good because you weren’t the only person still in need of a visit to the hairdresser.


The inaugural Book Club meeting was abandoned due to the good old British weather so no photo yet of President Nic in her regalia.  Her choice of charities for this year are Read Easy which helps adults who may have ‘fallen through the learning net’ and of course Weston Hospice which is very dear to all our hearts having cared for past members in their last days.  


As we’ll be unable to host Young Carers this year we presented each of the 25 young people with a £10 gift voucher instead. We've had a lovely ‘thank you’ letter from them and one from the BRI for our knitted hearts.  It’s good to know that things are still getting done even if not in our usual ways

Kate who runs our Knit & Natter group has had everyone knitting pairs of hearts for those in intensive care in the BRI, as well as making laundry bags.  Kate is practically a one-woman sewing machine with the number of things she makes – and gets others to make!  The multicoloured selection is by Sue B and includes some felt hearts.  Kate has also knitted a nurse, a medic and a dustman all between 20-25 cms tall.  The first two will go to The Hub in the BRI to be sold and the little dustman is to be left on Kate’s bin with a ‘thank you’ note.  How lovely!

Our fantastic two walkers – Ann Thatcher and Angela Jones – have completed the task they set themselves.  With smiling faces and shorter legs, they managed to raise the huge sum of £1,330!  A cheque for this amount was presented to Weston Hospice last Friday.  Needless to say they were delighted with this amount and assured us that it was very welcome and would be well spent.


The walk was in memory of Roy Jones, Angela’s husband, father to Nic and Claire, grandfather and a good friend to many in Inner Wheel and Rotary.  The pictures show the cheque presentation to a member of Staff by retiring President Angie Horne, plus a picture of Angela and Ann.  Are those grins saying:  “Didn’t we do well?” or are they saying:  “I can’t wait to put my aching feet up!”

Burnham on Sea

Kelly, one of our members who works at the Towans Residential Home, asked about scrubs bags and this escalated into a proper little cottage industry. After Kelly’s request and following a phone call between Penelope (ISO) and Rita (President) it was decided that we would see if the other nursing homes in Burnham had a need as well.

Rita asked the Village Agent in Lympsham to put out a request in the village and an SOS was also sent to Club members who have been raiding their linen cupboards. People have been so generous in not only donating goods, 11 dustbin sacks to be precise, but also volunteering to sew them up. This has been achieved with the help and co-operation of Lympsham W I and it has been wonderful to collaborate with them. Several members have been busy sewing up the bags and Rita has 8 villagers from Lympsham sewing as well.  

We have now supplied scrubs bags to Burnham Hospital, Highbridge Medical Centre, Weston Hospice, Bridgwater Hospital, Brunel Care and the local Nursing Homes. The latest batch are going to Musgrove.

To date, in the last 17 days we have supplied 633 bags – what an achievement.

The willingness to help at such a difficult time has been really heart warming as people have told me that it is so good to be able to do something to help those working on the frontline.   A special ‘thank you’ goes to Penelope for initiating the making of these bags.

Photo attached: LtoR: President Rita (BoS), Anita Flicker (BoS) and Angela York (President of Lympsham WI).

  1. Handcream

Members have donated £90 to purchase 31 items of handcream for the nurses at Weston Hospital, whose hands are suffering greatly from the continual washing and sanitising they go through each shift. Grateful thanks go to the local Body Shop agent who has provided these hand creams free of her commission.

Photo: Handcreams for Weston Hospital

  1. Neo-Natal ‘Memory Bags’

30 Memory Bags have been sewn and donated to the Neo-Natal unit at Musgrove Hospital. These are for the parents to keep Babies first hat, blanket, hospital band etc in and take them home with their baby.

Photo: Baby Memory Bags

  1. 20 Breast Cancer cushions have also been delivered to Musgrove Hospital in the past couple of weeks.

Inner Wheel Club of Wrington Vale


Well we’ve certainly scrubbed up well! 


The call went out for old sheets, material that was washable at 60o and the colour didn’t matter, and anyone with a sewing machine who knew how to use it. The photos show a small proportion of the scrubs that were eventually delivered to Weston Hospice together with some of the sewers (that’s people who sow and not the other meaning of that spelling!)  The name of the trousers has been changed from ‘Pru’s bottoms’ to ‘Pru’s trews’  because it sounded more dignified.  Others in the picture are Club members Viv, Barbara and Yvonne.

Mendip Inner Wheel & Mendip Rotary dusted down their sewing machines & learnt new French seams!!
Some donated material, Some cut & pinned, Some sewed.
78 laundry bags are now on their way to the hospitals in Bath.

Definitely a case of TOGETHER WE CAN.

Hearts for patients and families 

Linda from Chelwood Bridge Club picked up a message from two nurses working in the General Intensive Care in the Bristol Royal Infirmary, who mentioned that it is very difficult for families who have loved ones in ITU and they are unable to visit. 

It is especially difficult when loved ones pass with no family at their side.

The nurses came up with an idea which they thought might help support the family during this difficult time. They asked if we could knit matching pairs of hearts, they specify a size but any design was fine. They would keep one heart with the patient and send the remaining heart to the family along with some forget me not seeds to plant in their garden. They have ways to sort the infection control.

The Inner Wheel Club of Wells had a succsessfull stall on International Women's Day in the Town Hall at Wells.  There was much interest in what we do and some took leaflets to maybe join us.

Wrington Vale Race Night


Well a fun time was promised and by the looks of it, that’s what they all had!


Last Friday’s Racing Night was a great success with four pedigree mounts ridden by jockeys of National Hunt standard (!) in a packed and exciting race card.  Our picture shows President Angie leading the field – I think.  Difficult to say with any surety as the horses didn’t actually move but that of course was the whole point!  No point-to-point (sorry I couldn’t resist the pun) in staging the races outdoors in this weather so he/she who peddles fastest wins the race.  The overall winner was presented with her Gold Medal (as opposed to a Gold Cup – some other racing venue had already filched thatidea!)  Having come first in her own race, this intrepid jockey took on all the winners of the other five races and beat them all.  Her only handicap was that the time-keepers were all male.  Nuff said!


To finish off this mad-cap evening there was a game of ‘Hands On’ which requires those taking part to stand and  place their hands on either their heads or their tails.  The flip of a coin determines which group are knocked out and sit down while the flipping continues until only one person is left standing.  As crazy as it sounds, there was one winner who received a bottle of something alcoholic.  By this time of the evening nobody cared what they won – it was all about the taking part!


It’s early days to be saying how much the event made but there will be an update at some time with details of the charity donations, one of which will be to President Angie’s particular favourite - Carriage Driving as part of the RDA- and then the rest to Inner Wheel charities.  

Thank you to the Sue Pollock, (President) and members of Bridport Inner Wheel for donating an amazing £250 to our Forget-Me-Not-Suite within our Maternity Unit. We are all incredibly grateful for the support. Thank you

🙏 Inner Wheel in Somerset, Wilts and Dorset - District 20Dorchester Maternity Unit

On the 23rd January, we held our annual tea party for the community. This was to celebrate Inner Wheel Day which was on the 10th. We hosted over 70 ladies and gentlemen to a slap up tea of sandwiches and cake, together with a game of bingo , a raffle and a game of “guess what’s in the parcel”.

Wrington Vale ladies paid a visit to Burns the Bread in Glastonbury for a tour round their premises. They learned all about the various processes in making the bakery's stunning assortment of breads, pastries, cakes and other things that look good, taste better and help you to pile on the pounds! This family-run bakery has been holding these evenings for several years with all proceeds going to St Margaret's Hospice. WV are happy and proud to help this worthy cause while enjoying the tour and the buffet. Burns the Bread also has shops in Wells and Street

A group of Taunton Vale Inner Wheelers joined the residents of the localAbbeyfield Home on Inner Wheel Day. A number of our club are involvedregularly but on this occasion it was to help with their Knit And Natter day.

Bath Avon. Our Charter lunch was followed with a talk by Andy Beaumont and FritzEasthaze.  The subject Men in Aprons was treated in a light hearted way and had nothing to do with the kitchen but was concerned with the symbolism ofMasonry.  It was amazing that a  small item of dress should have suchvaried significance which had evolved over many centuries going back to KingSolomon. Our speakers brought many aprons to show members and guests, someof which were beautifully embroidered. 

                                                                                                                                                          Inner Wheel Club of Bath
Following a very successful day on Bath Christmas Market we were joined by an unexpected visitor some two days later. Devika, from Mumbai, was in Bath for her daughter’s gradua􏰀on – she had seen our Club details on our website and asked to join our Christmas meeti􏰀ng. What a delightf􏰃ul evening we had – we even learned that her Club of Mumbai Khar is only 4 years old and already has some 55 members! Ladies join Inner Wheel partly for it’s status symbol – how 􏰀meetings here in the UK have changed as this used to be so here back in the 1950’s.

The Inner Wheel Club of Weymouth spent a lovely morning kni􏰄ng, covering boxes and sewing silk cushions to make post cancer ladies more comfortable a􏰂er breast surgery. It was a great day of fun and fellowship followed by a wonderful lunch supplied by the commi􏰁ee


President, members armed with materials, scissors, sewing accessories, sewing machines, pins and needles, descended on the President’s house and spent a morning hard at worK making sustainable sanitary wear to put in Water Survival boxes.

                                Midsomer Norton & Radstock

Basket weaving with a difference fascinated our members when Pamela Pon􏰀n (affec􏰀onately known as “the bag lady”), arrived at their mee􏰀ng with a collec􏰀on of her decora􏰀ve and useful crea􏰀ons. Using an amalgama􏰀on of skills, gleaned from her passion for 3 reading cra􏰂 books, Pam has devised strong baskets woven from strips of cardboard cartons that are then decorated with coloured paper, painted and varnished and finished off with handles and blanket s􏰀tch supports plaited from washing lines.

She explained how weaving dates back to Biblical 􏰀mes; plai􏰀ng from the Middle Ages and papier-mâché from the Victorian era, all with a of myriad uses from shopping to becoming containers in the bathroom, bedroom, nursery and kitchen for eggs. Members quickly snapped up much of Pat’s handiwork!

Chelwood Bridge Club members make twiddlemuffs for dementia patients.

After delivering several twiddlemuffs to the village agents for people suffering with dementia, the Inner Wheel club of Chelwood Bridge are continuing to create these fascinating objects.

Two more batches have been made and also delivered , with the first batch being delivered to Cholwell House Nursing Home near Temple Cloud, where Julie Tovey, Senior Nurse, and Carla Watt, Carer, were delighted to receive them. 

Cholwell House can care for up to 45 residents,  mostly Dementia sufferers but also some end of life patients. 

The second batch were delivered to Stanton Court Care Home., where they were gratefully received by Jessica Jones ,who is the Activity coordinator there. Stanton Court cares for up to 30 patients - mostly all dementia patients. 

Inner Wheel club president, Sandra Blair, said : “Both Cholwell Huse and Stanton Court said they would be delighted to receive as many as we can knit

.Twiddlemuffs have been designed and developed to provide simple stimulation for active hands, while promoting increased flexibility and brain stimulation. Many patients with dementia have found the Twiddlemuff reassuring and comforting, and these can be therapeutic for residents of local care homes, as they relax and enjoy fiddling with the soft, colourful muffs.

All in a mornings work for Inner Wheel club of Mendip.  Ready for our journey in SCHOOL IN A BAG

Sicily was the destination for the Inner Wheel of Westbury at the very popular International Cuisine Evening, held annually and organised by Westbury Rotary Club with assistance from Inner Wheel.The theme this year was Islands and our 'corner' provided a Sicilian starter, main course and dessert. Jean Heath, Jackie Pike and President Linda Eaglesham are seen here with the 100 starters they made.

Wrington Vale Innerwheel

January 13 at 11:58 AM

International Inner Wheel Day

This year’s celebration of IIW day was very different as the Club invited Rotary gentlemen and their wives to join us. A total of 62 signed up for a meal at Mendip Springs Golf Club to hear Brigadier Bruce Jackman, OBE, give a talk on his work for the Ghurka Welfare Trust, explaining both his personal and historical links to the extraordinary Ghurka Regiments.

Part history, part social and totally riveting, his talk explained the rôle of the Ghurkas over the last 200 years in various conflicts both military and humanitarian. The Ghurkas are fêted for their courage in battle and their achievements off the battlefield are equally astounding. Their record of medals won is unsurpassed. However, after the devastating earthquake and landslip of 2015, much work has been needed to help rebuild Nepal and these special retirees to recover.

The enthusiasm and admiration of the Brigadier for his subject was very evident. He asked for donations and judging by the contents of his bucket his audience agreed that this was a very worthy cause to support. Our pictures show Brigadier Jackman and President Angie Horne and some of the guests

Mendip Inner Wheel club shared a soup & pud lunch with some members of the community in Cheddar.  it was such an important day for us all, an opportunity to come together even for a short time.       it was very special.

Shepton Mallet continue to support Dementia Action Alliance for International Inner Wheel Day supporting the community by visiting St Cecillia's for a sing a long joined by Rotarians from Shepton Mallet Club

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