Inner Wheel Club of Shepton Mallet

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Meet at The Shrubbery Hotel, BA4 5BU at 18.45

on the 2nd Monday of the month

The Presidential Team


To mark Inner Wheel Day, January 10th, we attacked our ever increasing supply of spectacular and colourful crochet squares, originally intended to make blankets for International charities. However as transport under Covid restrictions proved impossible we decided to redirect them to care homes in our local area.

We had a total of eleven blankets and three homes happy to take them. Our International Organizer, Anita sourced printed labels with the Club name, sewing one to each blanket to promote our organization and recipient care staff were advised to quarantine the blankets before distribution to patients.  The blankets made entirely from squares supplied by Valerie, sister of much valued late member of the Club, Gladys Lyons. As Valerie turns out the squares nonstop we will be looking for other good causes to receive blankets soon! 

Our second needlework project actually predates our blankets, back to when there was a call for breast cushions to afford comfort to post mastectomy patients in hospitals in Somerset, a Home Service initiative. The preferred material for use in this project was pure silk, which on a holiday in India one of our members was able to purchase, but on her return armed with the silk, the RUH Bath had a good supply of breast cushions and the initiative was put on hold for the time being, until the current crisis, when again a need arose. Several of our members stepped forward, the silk again saw the light of day to be fashioned into cushions and draw string bags for their safe keeping.